Important Message for E-Mail Subscribers

November 26, 2012

1)  Important Message for E-Mail Subscribers. For more than 15 years I have been distributing the weekly EIA Communiqué using 1997 methods – bulk e-mail from a list maintained by hand. This required a lot of list maintenance on my part and sometimes difficult dealings with AOL and its spam restrictions. It got to the point where I stopped recruiting new e-mail subscribers in the hope new readers would instead migrate to the daily blog.

Happily I have managed to cut the Gordian knot. With EIA’s recently updated web site and some techno-maneuvering, it is now possible for me to disseminate the weekly communiqué via the automatic e-mail service provided by Feedburner. This will expand the content possibilities for the e-mail newsletter while greatly reducing the time I spend administering the list.

It will, however, require one bit of action on your part. Sometime before the next communiqué appears on Monday, December 3, each current e-mail subscriber will receive an e-mail from Feedburner with “Education Intelligence Agency” or “EIA Communiqué” in the subject line. In the body of the e-mail will be an embedded link for you to click, or cut and paste into your web browser’s URL address window.

Click the link and you will verify your subscription and continue to receive the newsletter via e-mail as usual – once a week, no more and no less.

Don’t click the link and you will be unsubscribed from future e-mail communiqués.

This verification measure is a bit of a pain, but necessary to ensure that each subscriber has asked to be placed on the list. Otherwise Feedburner and similar services would be overrun with spammers and useless for the rest of us.

If you don’t receive your Feedburner e-mail by next Monday, check your spam filter and/or contact me at

If you prefer, you will be able to subscribe to the newsletter’s RSS feed, or simply visit the Communiqués page on the web site.

Thanks for helping out with this housekeeping. Next week we’ll return to news.

2)  Last Week’s Intercepts. EIA’s blog, Intercepts, covered these topics from November 20-26:

*  Crimson vs. Indigo. Multiple experiments in one-party rule.

WEAC Looking for New Direction. The Peterson Plan.

Hawaii Teachers “Work to Rule.” Next best thing to a strike.

Black Friday 1940. The scariest day of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! Bridging the gaps.

3)  Quote of the Week. “I don’t think they should sit on the sidelines. I think they should do what they do when they give to the Lyric Opera. They don’t go to the Lyric Opera, give money and then tell the singers how to sing. Give your money and walk away, buddies.” – Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, when asked what the backers of Mayor Emanuel’s school reform agenda should do. (November 20 Chicago Sun-Times)

Um, they may not tell the singers how to sing, but they have a big say in what they sing, don’t they?