Direct Links to All NEA Representative Assembly Blog Posts

July 13, 2015

Direct Links to All NEA Representative Assembly Blog Posts. In case you didn’t follow along all last week with EIA’s gavel-to-gavel coverage of the 2015 National Education Association Representative Assembly from Orlando, here are the direct links to each post, in chronological order. Enjoy!

Compared to What, When? – How to manufacture a membership increase.

“You Are the Future of Everything” – The mote and the beam.

Membership Math, One More Time – Can’t let it slide.

There’s No Business Like New Business – Pizza and Coke.

What Happened to Playing the Long Game? – In the ashes John Stocks sees pixie dust.

Rebel Yell – A day after unanimously vowing to fight institutional racism, the delegates spent two hours debating whether to support the removal of Confederate flags from public spaces.

I Am Not a Number, I Am a Free Man – It takes The Village.

The Final Few – Eliminating voter ID requirement for NEA elections is referred to committee.

Merged Affiliates Stuck With Status Quo – The delegates really don’t want merged affiliates to get their maximum allotment of representation.

Federalist Sighting! – An unlikely source notices that the powers of the federal government are limited.

A Lesson in Time Management – Good news! NEA can still take Gates money.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint – Hitting the wall.

This Morning’s Little Ironies – Labor rules save the day and delegates agree to continue to “control the flow of information.”

NEA Opts In to Opt Out – As written, NEA now supports opting out of any test, standardized or not.