Financial Status of All NEA State Affiliates

January 11, 2016

Financial Status of All NEA State Affiliates. Here are the total membership figures, total revenues, surplus or deficit status and net assets for all National Education Association state affiliates for 2013-14. If the image is difficult to view, click here for the Adobe Acrobat version.


A few highlights:

* Even without accounting for the income of some 14,000 local affiliates, NEA and its state affiliates took in almost $1.6 billion in dues and other income, an increase of more than $1 million over the previous year.

* For the first time in decades – perhaps in its history – NEA national headquarters collected less total revenue than the previous year. Twenty state affiliates also had a decrease in revenue.

* Seventeen affiliates operated in the red during the 2013-14 school year.

* Ten affiliates have negative net worth.

Scheduling Note. There will be no communiqué next week. I’ll be at Disneyland running the Star Wars Rebel Challenge. The communiqué will return Monday, January 25.

Recent Intercepts. EIA’s daily blog, Intercepts, covered these topics January 5-11:

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Quote of the Week. “Santeramo’s attorney Larry Davis maintains that his client did not commit any crime, and that Santeramo is looking forward to his day in court. Davis said at all times the books were open for the school board to see where the money was going, the unions auditors examined the paperwork and the program did so well, it served as a model for the entire state.” – from an NBC-TV Miami story about the trial of former Broward Teachers Union president Pat Santeramo, facing charges of stealing $35,000 in teacher training money from the school district. (January 5 NBC 6 News)