Declassified Document Drop Day

May 2, 2016

Declassified Document Drop Day. Over time I accumulate teacher union documents, but without a story to hang them on they start to pile up. So I thought I would post some of the more interesting ones on EIA’s Declassified page.

* NEA’s “Beat Privatization” toolkit. This “step-by-step crisis action plan” is designed to help local union activists defeat efforts by school districts to privatize support services. They are advised not to argue about cost savings and insist “You can’t get the same service for less!”

There are other interesting economic arguments like the “threat of competition ends when the contract is signed” and “private-sector employers have a long history of bribery, kickbacks, and payoffs.”

* California Teachers Association’s talking points for ballot initiative to extend Proposition 30. The union seeks to extend the temporary income tax hike created by Proposition 30. The arguments are familiar, except for the inclusion of the expiration date, which is 2030. It is a curious strategy to tout the temporary nature of a tax at the same time you are urging it be extended.

* Jefferson County Education Association (CO) presentation of its 2015 school board recall strategy. I previously posted a story about this JCEA workshop at the NEA leadership summit in Dallas. Read that for the background and then peruse this PowerPoint slideshow, in which the union admits “our goal was to ‘awaken’ and move the community to take this action.”

* NEA’s “member assessment scale” (slide #1 and slide #2). Who said teachers’ unions don’t like assessments of their members? Here local union representatives are trained to evaluate their interactions with individual members by how they “engage constructively on value of the union” and are “willing to receive and consider in good faith information provided about the union.”

Recent Intercepts. EIA’s daily blog, Intercepts, covered these topics April 26-May 2:

* Pearson Pops AFT’s Bubble. Someday AFT members will be able to vote with their money and their feet, too.

* No Raise in 8 Years, North Carolina Union Staff Claims. NCAE employees say they have done all they can to “stop/slow the bleeding of the association.”

Pennsylvania State Education Association’s Finances. Cutting costs.

* Oregon Education Association’s Finances. New staff contract should settle things down.

Oklahoma Education Association’s Finances. Dwindling.

Quote of the Week #1. “We have no interest in hurting the company. We’re not anti-Pearson and we understand that Pearson is a for-profit company.” – Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, after introducing a resolution calling on Pearson to review its policies on testing and private schools. (April 29 Politico)

Quote of the Week #2. “When you raise questions that go right to the heart of a company’s business model, as we did with our shareholder resolution today, you expect to lose the first time.” – Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, after the resolution received less than 2.5% shareholder support. (April 29 AFT press release)