Direct Links to All NEA Representative Assembly 2016 Blog Posts

July 11, 2016

Direct Links to All NEA Representative Assembly 2016 Blog Posts. In case you didn’t follow along all last week with EIA’s gavel-to-gavel coverage of the 2016 National Education Association Representative Assembly from Washington DC, here are the direct links to each post, in chronological order. Enjoy!

Imaginary Numbers – A glorious victory on the Malabar front!

Donald Trump and the Return of the Ethiopian Cabbie – Reruns.

California Dreamin’ – Don’t open charter schools. Don’t close them, either.

Extremely Careless or Politically Shrewd? – Presidential candidates always include one line that inspires booing.

The Value of Experience – It pays to know when to take a break.

Hold My Wallet – A revolutionary idea quietly fades away.

NEA Endorses Hillary (84.1%) – Margin beats Obama’s, trails previous candidates. This was the first time the potential endorsee addressed the delegates right before the vote.

Delegates Plan to Live on Deserted Island – Let’s only talk to people who agree with us.

New Recruits – NEA will do anything to appeal to young members… as long as it doesn’t involve letting them make their own decisions.

NEA Remains With #TeachStrong – Who’s using whom?

Delegates Solve Problem of Failing Schools – How about double-plus needs improvement?

Charter War Escalation Delayed – Not quite yet “an existential threat to public schools,” but maybe next year.

News Flash – Miracle.

Refer Madness – Or how to fit 10 pounds of crap into a 5 pound bag.

Not a Bundle of Laughs – NEA committees are going to be pretty busy next school year.