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About EIA
Teachers' unions are like any other machine. They're either a benefit or a hazard. If they're a benefit, it's not my problem.
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Established in June 1997, the Education Intelligence Agency (EIA) is a private, for-profit, one-man contract research firm. EIA itself supports no particular program or specific reform but does focus on the inner workings of the teachers' unions. Its clients cover the political spectrum, from conservative public policy organizations to teacher union affiliates themselves. EIA has successfully filled requests for information from organizations and agencies in all 50 states.

EIA provides quick, accurate information to requesters concerning the public education establishment. This is done in a variety of ways:

1) Weekly e-mail communiqués containing the latest news and inside information about public education. EIA currently sends communiqués directly to over 4,000 organizations and individuals in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and overseas. Many more read them through reposting. There is no charge for the e-mail service. The list is never shared with other parties.

2) Periodic reports, essays or handbooks on a neglected education issue. EIA's reports have received extensive coverage in national as well as regional publications.

3) EIA supports itself through contract work and provides raw data on the requested topic (charging by the hour) or provides extensive research and analysis in a finished report (charging by the project). EIA also conducts workshops and lectures on teacher union operations and tactics. Client confidentiality is maintained unless specifically waived.

About Mike Antonucci

Mike is the director of the Education Intelligence Agency and has covered the education beat since 1993. Education Week calls him "the nation's leading observer -- and critic -- of the two national teachers' unions and their affiliates." Mike's own writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor's Business Daily, The American Enterprise, and many other periodicals, and his work has been favorably cited in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Post, and a host of other prominent daily newspapers. He has performed hundreds of radio interviews and appeared on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor.

Mike's background in research stems from his previous writing of military history. His article on the diplomacy of the Byzantine Empire is included in Annual Editions: Western Civilization, Volume 1 by William Hughes, published by Dushkin/McGraw Hill. His article on codebreaking in the Civil War was published as a cover story by Civil War Times Illustrated and in Spies and Secret Missions: A History of American Espionage. He has had feature articles published in Military History, The Foreign Service Journal, History Today, Command, Wild West and many others.

He collaborated with U.S. Rep. Richard Pombo & Joseph Farah on the critically acclaimed book This Land Is Our Land: How to Win the War Against Private Property and conducted research for Dr. Daniel Pipes for his book The Hidden Hand: Middle East Fears of Conspiracy, both published by St. Martin's Press in 1996.

Mike has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and a Master of Arts in International Affairs from California State University at Sacramento. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Mike logged more than 2,200 flying hours as an instructor navigator of C-130 transport aircraft and T-43 training aircraft.


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