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December 19, 2011

1) Membership Losses, Budget Cuts Continue to Plague NEA. It may take some time, and will probably happen under cover of darkness, but soon the claim that the National Education Association represents 3.2 million members will be adjusted downward, as the latest figures show the union's total membership at well under 3.1 million.

Over the last two calendar years, NEA has lost almost 139,000 total members, and more than 169,000 total members over the last three years. Since its ranks of retired members have been growing during that span, it understates the union's losses among working education employees.

While NEA has instituted extraordinary measures to bring its budget in line with reduced revenues, the membership losses will require an additional $9.5 million in cuts at the national office.

Fewer members also means fewer dollars flowing to the national union's ballot initiative/legislative crises and media funds, but the $10 per member increase approved at NEA's convention last July insures that those accounts will contain more money than ever before.

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3) Scheduling Note. There will be no e-mail communiqué next week. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we'll see you again on Tuesday, January 3.

4) Quote of the Week. "This impacts student achievement. People don't understand the value of our role in helping the district function." - Beverly Ingle, president of the Colorado Education Association, commenting on the millions of dollars school districts spend on union release time. (December 18 Denver Post)


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