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"Declassified" Labor Union Documents
Below are links to Adobe Acrobat file copies of internal documents created by the National Education Association, its affiliates, and other U.S. labor unions with an interest in public education.

* National Education Association 2011 National Member Survey. NEA member and activist Presidential preferences and strategies for 2012 election.

* Missouri NEA 2012-13 budget. Includes membership numbers for the last 36 years.

* California Teachers Association/California Associate Staff contract 2009-12. Collective bargaining agreement between CTA and its own support employees.

* Oregon Education Association staff contract for 2008-10. Full text of collective bargaining agreement reached after staff strike of 2008.

* The California Teachers Association's Organizational Handbook. CTA procedures and policies on every possible education and labor issue. (288 pages).

* Oregon Education Association Representative Assembly Handbook 2011. Basic information about procedures and policies, plus detailed budget and staff compensation breakdowns. (192 pages).

* Illinois Education Association 2010-11 Budget. Comprehensive department-by-department income and expenditure projections. (233 pages)

* An Institution at Risk: An External Communications Review of the National Education Association. The full text of the 1997 report by The Kamber Group, credited for launching the "new unionism" movement and proposing strategies to improve NEA's public image.

* Wisconsin Education Association Council 2009-10 Professional Staff Contract. Collective bargaining agreement between WEAC and its professional employees.

* California Teachers Association 2010-11 Budget. Summary of income and expenditures.

* Indiana State Teachers Association "ISTA Center" IRS Form 990 for 2007-08. Shows value of buildings and land purchased by NEA Properties in 2009.

* Campaign 2009 - An Organizational Victory. A presentation by the government relations director of the New Jersey Education Association that shows the union's influence over members in the 2009 gubernatorial election.

* Emergency Order to restore ISTA trust board of trustees. Judge Moberly chides ISTA and the NEA administratorship for lack of transparency.

* Sullivan v. Williams, et al. Filing of charges against former Indiana State Teachers Association Executive Director Warren L. Williams and others, related to bankruptcy of the union's insurance trust. (39 pages)

* Slides from NEA Health Benefit Survey and Health Care Reform - 2008. Reveals differences of opinion on health care reform among NEA officers and members.

* National Education Association's Alternative Compensation Models and Our Members - 2008. NEA's internal recommendations for dealing with performance pay and other alternative compensation systems.

* Indiana State Teachers Association 2009 Sample Collective Bargaining Agreement Language and Rationale. Similar to the California Teachers Association Contract Reference Manual (below), contains boilerplate contract language for most common provisions. (111 pages)

* Indiana State Teachers Association Insurance Trust IRS Form 990 for 2006-07. The most recent financial disclosure document for the troubled trust. (281 pages)

* Indiana State Teachers Association IRS Form 990 for 2006-07. The union's most recent financial disclosure document, showing a $4.2 million deficit. (48 pages)

* Greenberg Quinlan's PowerPoint debrief after November 2008 election. This presentation contains information on NEA's communications strategy and results among members in key battleground states. (1.42 MB)

* Celinda Lake's PowerPoint debrief after November 2008 election. (1.39 MB)

* The Indiana State Teachers Association Handbook, 2008-09. ISTA governance structure and policies. (356 pages)

* Indiana State Teachers Association Insurance Analysis, 2009. A breakdown of fringe benefit costs and coverage for each school district in the state. (56 pages)

* The April 2006 results of a Feldman Group survey of NEA's education support members (ESPs). Illustrates some of the ideological diversity within the union (36 pages).

* The Illinois Education Association budget for 2009-10 (195 pages).

* The 2006 Illinois Education Association by-laws (65 pages).

* The Ohio Education Association's Bargainers Handbook for 2005. The basics of collective bargaining in Ohio and explanation of "rope-a-dope" strategy in tough times (85 pages).

* The Colorado WINS Partnership Agreement between AFT, SEIU and AFSCME from November 2007 (26 pages).

* The California Teachers Association's Contract Reference Manual for 2000. Old, but not out of date. Sample contract language for every imaginable provision (381 pages).

* Report of the Charter Schools Strategic Options Project of the Pennsylvania State Education Association from November 2000. Best known for its admission: "If we want to maintain our influence, our ability to do ANYTHING, we must make sure that education remains a unionized industry." (23 pages)

* The 2005 Ohio Education Association report on charter schools. It emphasizes their effect on membership levels (16 pages).

* The 2006 Pennsylvania State Education Association's resource manual for local presidents. This 616-page monstrosity covers more things than a local union president will ever have to deal with.

* The American Federation of Teachers manual for local treasurers (67 pages).

* Just for fun, a February 2004 memo from then-NEA President Reg Weaver and NEA Executive Director John Wilson detailing the events of the union's Quality Association Initiative Symposium. NEA insider Hans Moleman discussed how these things go last February, but you'll want to drink in the entire 18-page description of doom loops, hedgehogs, fishbowls and BHAGs.


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