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Happy Black Friday!

Written By: Mike Antonucci - Nov• 27•15


Happy Thanksgiving!

Written By: Mike Antonucci - Nov• 26•15


Friedrichs Oral Arguments Scheduled for January 11

Written By: Mike Antonucci - Nov• 25•15

Start time of 10 a.m.

If you’re planning to attend, please follow these rules: “Please refrain from taking the following items into the Courtroom when Court is in session: cameras, radios, pagers, tape players, cell phones, tape recorders, other electronic equipment, hats, overcoats, magazines and books, briefcases and luggage. Sunglasses, identification tags (other than military), display buttons and inappropriate clothing may not be worn.”



The Vacancy of Shortage Claims

Written By: Mike Antonucci - Nov• 24•15

The National Center for Education Statistics released a brief that won’t get anywhere near the volume of headlines devoted to nationwide teacher shortages. You don’t even have to read it; just look at the trend lines in these graphs of teacher vacancies and difficult-to-staff positions.






Special Quote of the Week Issue

Written By: Mike Antonucci - Nov• 23•15

Click here to read.


CTA Makes Initial $3 Million Pledge to 2016 Tax Initiative

Written By: Mike Antonucci - Nov• 20•15

The California Teachers Association authorized the expenditure of up to $3 million in dues to support the union’s positions on statewide ballot initiatives for 2016. The money is expected to go toward signature-gathering to qualify the CTA-backed “School Funding and Budget Stability Act” for the ballot.

The measure would extend the temporary income tax rate increases enacted in 2012 until 2030. With no additional action, those rates would expire after 2018.


The Company You Keep

Written By: Mike Antonucci - Nov• 19•15