Facing the Music

* The New York Times reports that music teacher Dorrit Matson would take sick days from her job at the High School for the Humanities so she could conduct the New York Scandia Symphony. She was nabbed when her principal heard her introduced on public radio while she was supposedly out sick.

There are frauds in every one of life’s endeavors, but this caught my eye because of what happened next. The Times states that Ms. Matson sought an unpaid leave in February due to chronic fatigue syndrome brought on by a strained relationship with school administrators, according to a doctor who treated her. But she could still conduct if she wanted to, the doctor told investigators, “because she would be away from the environment which caused her the stress that resulted in the onset of the condition.”

In other words, she was sick and tired of school.

EIA will check to see if the NYC public school contract has an “attendance incentive plan.”

* The Associated Press’ Ben Feller has written a level-headed piece about teacher retirement and retention. Check it out.