Michigan Education Association Supports the Right to Work!

Just a housekeeping note before we begin: I expect to make a quick update here at about this time each weekday morning, then a second one later in the day, if necessary, after I’ve had a chance to do my normal newsgathering.

NEA persuaded another school district — United Independent in Laredo, Texas — to join its lawsuit against NCLB. At this rate, all 15,000 school districts will have joined the suit by April 7002.

Three stories out of Michigan this morning:

1) The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled against allowing the Michigan Education Association to organize teachers at the Brother Rice High School. EIA reported on this story in July 2003. “The MEA is extremely disappointed in the court’s decision to deny the teachers the right to decide for themselves if they want union representation,” said David Crim, a union organizer for the MEA. EIA agrees. All teachers in Michigan should be able to decide for themselves if they want union representation. MEA should work with the National Right to Work Committee to see that this dream is realized.

2) MEA activists are gathering signatures to place a school funding initiative on the ballot. Or maybe they just want to collect some NEA initiative fund money before tossing the signatures in the trash, like the California Teachers Association has done twice now.

3) The Detroit Federation of Teachers is making noise about a strike. Check the EIA Archives for August and September 1999 for the entertainment we enjoyed the last time this happened.

Also, the Washington Times reports that the California Teachers Association mortgaged its headquarters to finance its November campaign. But you, dear reader, have known that for five months.