Double Standards

* “Teachers have the right to express an opinion, but they are aware of the code of ethics and should be able to read and understand what it means.”

That was the response of Orange County Classroom Teachers Association President David DeMond when teacher Jan Hall wrote a letter published in El Nuevo Dia that claimed Hispanics and other immigrants were hurting the quality of the public schools. Hall also suggested the laws should be changed to stop Puerto Ricans from moving to Central Florida. The remarks led to parent protests in front of Hall’s school.

DeMond said the union would provide legal advice to Hall if she is a member.

DeMond’s response is an understandable and measured one, but would he have been so understanding if Hall had been the superintendent, or a principal?

* Two headlines in this morning’s Honolulu Advertiser:

1) 66% of Isle schools miss No Child goals

2) Officials say test scores don’t tell full story

“Overall, these are the percentage of kids proficient in a score, but they don’t tell us how safe do kids feel in that school or how much do they like that school or how engaged they are,” said Robert McClelland, director of the Hawaii Department of Education planning and evaluation office.

Again, Mr. McClelland is correct. But would he have delivered this caveat if test scores had been good?