Stormy Weather in the Islands?

* “We must find a way to pay our teachers more and link it to their performance. There must be a way for teachers to accept some sort of performance-based pay if they are to, in exchange, receive a wage which compensates them adequately.”

The viewpoint isn’t unusual but the source might be. The above quote was delivered by Chris Zacca, the deputy chairman of the Sandals resort group in Jamaica. The corporation is active in education in Jamaica, granting scholarships to needy students who perform well in school.

* Meanwhile, stay tuned later today for the EIA Communiqué, with the latest exclusive look at AFT’s attempted coup in Puerto Rico. (Tease: It’s all over but the shouting, and El Presidente is still in charge.)


One thought on “Stormy Weather in the Islands?”

  1. Wow, how profound that such comments are made by a corporate head. The scholarships are appreciated. If only Chris Zacca would actually get involved with teaching children maybe his comments would be the same.

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