Erica Lee – Teacher Activist!

Erica Chevillar, the Florida teacher recently outed as a member as the U.S.A. National Bikini Team (under the nom de lingerie Erica Lee), told reporters she posed for the photos because she can’t make ends meet as a teacher.

As you can see from the accompanying photo, she could barely afford enough clothing to cover herself, but apparently had saved enough to invest in, um… er, “teacher development.”

Chevillar’s destitution prompted Sun-Sentinel columnist Howard Goodman to write the sort of agonized editorial on underpaid teachers that union officials love.

So Intercepts has the perfect solution for all involved: the Florida Education Association should hire Chevillar as an organizer!

With her experience, her empathy, and her other assets, education employees will join FEA in droves.


8 thoughts on “Erica Lee – Teacher Activist!”

  1. I wish she was my teacher,good for her to show all of us i mean me her body,god bless America.

  2. she is not nude in any pictures. she is a great teacher. her sexuality should not matter as long as it is kept private. she obviously had the children’s best interests at heart because she changed her last name and dressed conservatively at school. everyony wears a bathing suit so i dont see the problem. if this was a male teacher it would be accepted. i think the REAL problem is that PARENTS should make sure their middle school children are not searching porn and accidently find her. they need to watch their children it is not the teacher’s responsibility. all of you are jelous of her and what she is doing. so watch your kids and leave her alone.

  3. Oh boy. Shes hot but should that really matter? She didnt do anything wrong and shouldnt be in the spot light because of this.

  4. What she does in her private time is her business as long as it’s not breaking the law. Posing in clothing…although very little of it…is legal. As long as she is judged at work as a teacher, this is all fine.

  5. While the photos are definitely easy to look at, I honestly don’t see the issue here. If anybody has been to Miami, you know the women on the beach wear even less than she has on in most of the photos. So she takes a few photos and she’s automatically ridiculed as though she’s Mary Kay Laterno.
    I bet she has really good attendance in her classes, so why don’t we talk about that? If schools hired better looking teachers, then attendance would improve and most likely test scores would improve as a result of this improved attendance.

  6. The sad part about all this is the mere fact, that there’s really nothing wrong with what she is doing here. I mean come on, you see cleavage on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader squad and that is okay or there lil shorts, but a teacher, being another female isn’t allowed the same. What’s the difference if a cheerleader is going to school to become a teacher like most do, or a teacher becoming a cheerleader persay. Sorry but society in the US when it comes to moral, totally sucks for a lack of better words.

  7. I knew her in high school. When I saw this stuff being brought to the nation’s attention, I was shocked. She had one of the biggest hearts of anyone there. Teachers…especially in south florida…make very little money, so why not use what you have to make a living?

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