CTA Awakens Its Sleeper

California Senate Bill 92 is the latest attempt to strangle the establishment of charter schools by severely limiting the power of the State Board of Education to issue charters. L.A. Weekly reports on the origin of the bill:

“Oddly, the man behind Senate Bill 92 is self-described charter-school supporter and Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez, who represents a Los Angeles district where 52 charter schools operate, and where Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa touts charter schools. The Mayor’s Office declined to comment on Núñez’s bill. Written by Rick Simpson, Núñez’s deputy chief of staff, Senate Bill 92 was probably instigated behind closed doors by the California Teachers Association, according to Larson, a powerful union with an anti-charter-schools history. Simpson acknowledged to the L.A. Weekly that he spoke to the Education Coalition, which includes CTA, before writing the bill.”

What L.A. Weekly didn’t mention, and perhaps didn’t know, is that Simpson used to work for CTA, as its lobbyist in the Capitol.

A CTA spokesperson stated that the union doesn’t have an official position on SB 92, adding, “We’re not opposed to charter schools.”