Sympathy for Obama

President-elect Obama decided to post online “recommendations” his transition team has received from various special interest groups. Prominent among these is the National Education Association, which submitted 80 pages of policy, leading with “NEA should be intimately involved from the beginning in discussions on any issues that impact our members. We would like to provide input before proposals are drafted, rather than simply reacting to already drafted proposals.”

NEA’s recommendations include:

* Endorse inclusion of the principles of NEA’s Great Public Schools for Every Student by 2020.

* Support NEA’s principles for NCLB reauthorization.

* Increase funding.

* Repeal the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision.

* Create an Office for Public School Transformation.

* Create an Office for 21st Century Skills.

* Restore the position of Special Advisor for Teaching.

* Add representatives of teacher organizations to the National Technical Advisory Council.

* Unspecified action regarding NEA’s lawsuit against NCLB, Pontiac v. Spellings.

* Revoke the faith-based initiative.

* Revoke requirement that government contractors post a notice to employees informing them that they are not required to join a union or maintain membership in a union to retain their jobs.

* Add an amendment to the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act explicitly exempting pure public-sector unions from its provisions.

NEA also submitted a very long list of “Administration Positions Important to NEA,” including Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, Federal Election Commission, Interstate Commerce Commission, and Department of Labor Agriculture Extension Service.


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  1. As someone who paid into social security for 14 years before becoming a teacher, I support elimination of the GPO/WEP. As I’ve written on my own blog many times, though, it ain’t gonna happen.

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