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Attention! We Stink at What We Do!

Written By: Mike Antonucci - Dec• 19•08

The people who collected $338 million this year for the specific purpose of getting higher salaries for teachers yesterday sent out a press release admitting they’re no good at it, and haven’t been for years.

That’s what you have to believe if you accept this stuff at face value.

Ask yourself what Stephen King or Shaquille O’Neal would do if their agents told them, “I’ve tried for 30 years and I just can’t get you what you’re worth.”


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  1. Darren says:

    Definitely hard to argue with your logic!

  2. allen says:

    Well, that’s one interpretation of the press release.

    The other interpretation is that, as the only hope the beleaguered teacher has is the NEA, it’s more important now then ever before to continue to vote the party line and support the union without question or demur.

  3. jcw says:

    It’s not just the NEA…the AFT affiliate in Cincinnati seems to admit the same thing. On October 27th the Cincinnati Public Schools Treasurer issued a required five-year projection of finances that included 2% raises as part of the projection. The CFT agreed to no raises while the individual teacher’s health care costs went up as well. This follows upon raises of 2% and 1%. I suspect that with this pattern, we’ll have a salary decrease next year. And since AFT dues increases are passed on, members (and non-members) will see those fees increased as well.

  4. The new link for the NEA’s press release is