Anagrams and Acronyms

Labor Notes held an informal contest to “Name That Federation!” on the notion “that the AFL-CIO, Change to Win, and the NEA may unite.” A few were clever (“AFL-WTF?”), but most were lame.

It seems to me that most labor organizations lack a decent acronym, so I took the initials of the members of this proposed federation – NEA, AFL-CIO and CTW – and fed them into the Internet Anagram Server. It generated 3,265 possibilities, some of which fit the bill for the federation’s legislative agenda, while others were just funny. They include:

A Conceit Flaw
Facile Act Now
Win Fecal Taco
Alien Cow Fact
Can Loaf Twice
Win a Face Clot
A Coin Flew Act
Fact on Ice Law
We Can Foil Act
Flaw Once I Act
A Nice Flat Cow