United Teachers Los Angeles Opposes Prop 1A

The California Teachers Association and NEA are going to have a difficult time persuading voters to support Proposition 1A in next week’s election when they have failed to persuade some of their largest locals.

The No on 1A side already had its share of teachers – the members of the California Federation of Teachers and the Oakland Education Association. Now from the Calitics blog comes the news of further CTA defections.

“In voicing their opposition to Prop. 1A, UTLA leaders voiced their concern over a spending cap that would permanently affect state social programs while providing no real solution to the State’s torturous budgetary process,” said Josh Pechthalt, American Federation of Teachers Vice President of UTLA. “We need to build lasting alliances between education and other social service communities rather than allow us to be pitted against each other, as Prop 1A would do, in the struggle for limited state resources.”

The report is confirmed by this low-key notice on the UTLA website, but Calitics also claims United Educators of San Francisco is opposing 1A. There is no mention of this on the UESF website, and a story last month suggested that although a UESF caucus wanted such an outcome, the leadership postponed the discussion. If the local has decided to oppose 1A, it hasn’t made the decision public yet.

In the money and media battle, the CTA defections will have little effect, since dues money from Oakland, Los Angeles and San Francisco members will still be spent to support 1A. However, it will throw a huge monkeywrench in CTA’s phone banking, canvassing, precinct walking and GOTV machines in those areas.