Battling the Elements

You don’t need me to tell you that the proposed regulations for the Obama administration’s Race to the Top funds were disclosed today. Never before have so many people rushed headlong to grab their copy of the Federal Register.

I’m with Russo on this one. We’re getting a lot of coverage of the goals and not much about how it’s going to happen. EVERYBODY has noticed that the teachers’ unions are going to find a lot of objectionable stuff in these regs. NOBODY is spending time to figure out what that will mean. Here’s a guess: The unions will first work to water down the regs, but Obama and Duncan will still get most of what they want. Then the districts and the unions will take the money, and four years from now, just like magic, everything will be exactly the same as it is now.

My favorite bit in all the coverage was this quote from President Obama’s interview with the Washington Post:

“There are going to be elements within the teachers union where they’re just resistant to change, because people inherently are resistant to change. Teachers aren’t any different from any politicians or corporate CEOs. There are going to be certain habits that have been built up that they don’t want to change.”

I don’t want to overanalyze the President’s vocabulary, but “elements within the teachers union”? Who are these elements? When it comes to getting what he wants, the only elements that matter are the ones he meets, Dennis Van Roekel and Randi Weingarten. Therefore the only resistance that matters is theirs.

I hope President Obama was just trying to make a point about general resistance to change. If he actually believes he only needs to overcome a faction of hard-liners, he’s in for a rude awakening.


2 thoughts on “Battling the Elements”

  1. Freedom is the problem. Obama can’t get even a Democratic congress to do what he wants. Similarly, teachers can’t get all students to do what they are asked to do. So as we put the government in charge of such areas as medicine and education, we drift toward totalitarianism. Change! Dammit!

  2. The President and Arnie Duncan are the dynamic duo of duplicity.

    The President talks about hope, even while he kills the D.C. Voucher program, severing the last thread of hope for thousands of kids trapped in the nation’s worst school system. And while shipping them back to the gulag, his own daugters are chauffered to Sidwell Friends.

    And Arne Duncan is a loyal lieutenant animated by the same noblesse oblige.

    When asked why his own son and daughter are not enrolled in the D.C Public Schools, Education Secretary Duncan answered plainly; “I didn’t want to try to save the country’s children and our educational system and jeopardize my own children’s education.” In other words, “let them eat cake.”

    Not to worry. Neither the President nor Secretary Duncan will be “saving” the nation’s children or the dysfunctional public schools in which they are trapped anytime soon. They don’t get it. Throwing an additional $100,000,000,000 of other peoples money into what will always be other peoples schools is classic stroke of elitist beneficence.

    While no one questions the right of the First Parents or Arne and Karen Duncan to send their beautiful children to whatever school they choose, their heartless denial of the same right to some of Washington D.C.’s most vulnerable families just adds more bricks to the rising wall of separation that isolates Washington’s pampered and pompous policy makers from the unwashed masses they have come to “save.” It is cruel and heartbreaking.

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