Nevada Union Teaches Students About Prior Restraint

Lauren MacLean is a student at Churchill County High School in Nevada. She is also a reporter for the student newspaper. She wrote a story about how several students did not have their audition tapes forwarded to a state choir competition, apparently due to a failure on the part of Kathy Archey, who is a teacher and the school’s choir director.

Here is a link to the story Lauren wrote, reprinted in the Lahontan Valley News.

Not exactly the most devastating condemnation ever published, is it? Well, the Churchill County Education Association was so incensed by the article it filed a grievance against the district, claiming a violation of the collective bargaining agreement regarding discipline without just cause. The union is seeking to block publication of the article (due out today), but the school district plans to go ahead anyway. This prompted the union to fileĀ a second grievance because the district released information about the first grievance to the public.

The cat, however, is out of the bag. The story was picked up by just about every Nevada newspaper, including the big ones in Reno and Las Vegas, prompted an editorial blasting the union in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, went out on the Associated Press wire, found its way to USA Today, and caught the attention of the Student Press Law Center and the Poynter Institute.

So who would you say learned more about freedom of the press this week, Lauren or the Churchill County Education Association?