Performance Pay… for the Whole System?

Former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber is seeking the Democratic nomination for his old job in the 2010 election. His proposal for public education funding is unique, if a little vague.

He says what’s important is making actual changes to our current system, not simply perpetuating it by increasing the schools’ budget. “You have to be funding the right system,” Kitzhaber says. “Funding is important, but funding the right program is more important.” Kitzhaber says that if elected he plans to implement funding based on performance, not enrollment. “To get more money,” Kitzhaber says, “you need to make a case for why and where you need the money.” This model of performance-based funding will, according to Kitzhaber, make the system more transparent and allow for investments towards clear objectives.

The reporter notes that the idea will probably not sit well with the Oregon Education Association. Ya think?