Teacher Un-Des Moines Her Own Protest

This video of an education budget protest at a Des Moines middle school went viral last week after appearing on HotAir.com. Take a look at it and see if you can figure out why.

If you didn’t catch it, one of the students is holding a sign that reads, “Save Are Teachers.”

The protest actually took place before school on March 8. It was organized by teacher Theresa Hoffman with the principal’s permission. You can read the story about it in the March 22 issue of the Iowa State Daily.

Hoffman is the students’ language arts teacher and is retiring after 33 years in the profession. She had the¬†vigor and drive to put the rally together, lead the students in chants and notify the local news media, but evidently couldn’t muster the¬†energy to check their signs for proper spelling and grammar.

“They need to run. They need to create. They need to draw. They need to sing,” Hoffman said of her students. And she’s right. But they can do all those things outside of school. They also need to learn the difference between “are” and “our,” which is presumably what the people of Des Moines are paying Hoffman to teach them.


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