NEA Convention 2010: Up for Debate

NBI 6 – “NEA shall seek a cease and desist agreement from AFT instructing its local Affiliates in Alabama to stop their attempted raids each year.”

NBI 20 – “NEA requests Arne Duncan and the Department of Education to immediately implement the decade old recommendation that the ‘achievement levels’ of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) not be published this year.”

NBI 26 – “NEA will request the IRS pass regulations preventing use of taxpayers’ money for paying dues to a charter school association that uses public funds to pay for lobbying.”

NBI 27 – “NEA inform its Arizona affiliate that due to a recent appeals court ruling, Arizona charter school teachers do not have 1st Amendment protection when speaking critically of a charter school employer.”

NBI 39 – “Gender Equity in Regards to Number of Restroom Facilities in Public Schools. Action: The HIN (Health Information Network) of the NEA will conduct a random survey of public schools to explore the actual ratio of the number of restrooms to the number of staff and students (broken down by males/females).”

NBI 42 – “The NEA will call on the US government to end its war and occupation in Afghanistan and begin a safe and orderly withdrawal of all troops, contractors and weaponry.”

NBI 44 – “The NEA shall encourage President Obama to replace the Sect. of Educ. Arne Duncan with a person who is aligned with the interests of the NEA, its members, and especially the students it serves.”

NBI 51 – “The NEA will create an action plan, using the existing committee structure that will designate both long and short term goals for the purpose of developing policy recommendations to support and coordinate k-12 labor education curriculum nationally.” (Yesterday, the delegates approved NBI D, which calls on NEA to oppose “policies that permit state curriculum standards and materials to be influenced by political and ideological forces.”)


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