NEA Convention 2010: I’m Eating This Sandwich for the Children

It’s not really true that the reason the Donner Party ate each other was because they faced listening to California new business items. But it is true that of the 99 NBIs submitted this year, 39 are from California. The California Teachers Association makes up about 10% of NEA membership.

Here are a few more NBIs to be debated today and tomorrow.

NBI 55: “NEA shall support state affiliates’ efforts to pass state legislation banning the use of hand-held cell phones while operating a motor vehicle and (shall, through appropriate communication vehicles), educate members about the dangers of using hand-held cell phones while operating a motor vehicle.”

NBI 87: “Move that NEA RA 2010 New Orleans Delegates stand up and leave the convention center to send a clear message to protest against Public Schools’ budget cuts on July 6th (last day RA) for ‘one’ hour during lunch time (discretion of NEA President for time of lunch). NEA staff will contact TV news to get media coverage and organize the exit of members in an organized manner.”

(They want media coverage for leaving the building for lunch. Why not just stay where you are and call it a sit-in? I’m also pretty sure this won’t make it to the floor until after lunch on July 6. Great job again, California!)

NBI 91: “The NEA and its affiliates, through existing communication vehicles and a low cost campaign in the major media, counter the media propaganda of this summer’s series of anti-teacher union documentaries —‘Teached,’ ‘The Cartel,’ ‘The Lottery,’ and ‘Waiting for Superman.'”

NBI 93: “The NEA and its affiliates expose and educate the media and the public about allegedly grassroots, pro-charter ‘parent groups’ that are popping up with greater frequency on both the national and local level.”

NBI 95: “The NEA shall offer technical and expert assistance to continue to support state affiliates participating in the Race to the Top process to ensure a positive implementation that protects education employee rights and jobs, guarantees educator and affiliate participation, and promotes the best practices in education to guarantee that all children have access to a great public education.”

(This NBI comes from Colorado, which in light of yesterday’s no confidence vote in Race to the Top is concerned NEA will be precluded from assisting affiliates who are actively participating in the process. A similar event occurred 10 years ago when NEA toughened its stance against performance pay while Denver was working on its ProComp program.)

NBI 99: “The NEA and its affiliates publicize our current position countering the misleading impressions left by the charter schools’ and charter school organizations’ holding of live public lotteries for the selection of their students and the particular manner in which they do so.”

(Think carefully. Why do they have to hold lotteries in the first place?)


4 thoughts on “NEA Convention 2010: I’m Eating This Sandwich for the Children”

  1. You are so right, there was not debate, Although the NBI 87 was not turned in early enough to be approved or to passed it, the objective was met, to denounce our discomfort against budget cuts. I still feel it was weird because the microphone was cut-off when he was speaking, the volume was lowered then up, and lowered again.(an strategy for not amending it?…WE will be back. I seconded the NB 87, and no it was not about eating lunch, but protesting for an hour with media coverage. Read the nbi offer and amendment…

  2. Now that NEA finally recognizes that television networks and newspapers can be biased they have something in common with right wing politicians who get similar treatment from the same media.

    As improbable as it seems, if the Palin wing of the Republican Party and NEA sit down together and take a look at who owns the media and ask why the media have such seemingly contradictory biases it may be helpful for both groups.

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