Where to Go for AFT Convention Coverage

I’m not at the AFT Convention. Why not? A lot of reasons. But you needn’t miss out. Ed Week‘s Stephen Sawchuk has got the news covered, and Norm Scott of Education Notes Online ably fills the smart-ass commentary gap. He’s already got a couple of gems:

* “This is going to be pretty funny considering how just about everyone you talk to in Unity trashes Randi as they gush, ‘Mulgrew is so different. He is a real teacher.’ Sure. A year ago they would be telling you how smart Randi was. If Jack the Ripper ran the union they would talk about how clean and shiny he keeps his knives.”

* “By the way, there has not been a Mulgrew sighting here yet. He must be up in Randi’s room ironing her clothes.”

If there are others out there combining full coverage with sharp writing, let me know and we’ll update with more links here.


3 thoughts on “Where to Go for AFT Convention Coverage”

  1. from Seattle: Randi’s speech was Shanker-like, thoughtful, tough and challenging to the delegates. 1/3 of the UFT delegates are new. ..and extremely enthusiastic, just left a raucous breakfast UFT meeting. . Mulgrew gave a funny, passionate speech thanking grassroots teachers. .the floor debate begins. ..should be engaging

  2. Got to see firsthand what happens when the minority opposition gets voted in. The Chicago contingent spent their time at the mike fighting with each other.
    Favorite quote was “This is my first convention and I don’t know if this is how to do it, but…” as the proved they couldn’t tell the difference between a point of order from a point of information or make a lucid point of view for that matter.

    Chicago has been hit hard and a disgruntled rank and file actually did what James, Norm and Jeff dream of; elected a group of amateurs to run the union. God help Chicago at their next contract negotiation.

    Loyalty oath myths aside, Unity allows plenty of input, argument and disagreement. And in the end, we come together to show the union and the public a united front that supports a coherent argument. Yes, I support a group of professional leaders that know what they’re doing to represent me. Sorry guys, you have failed to impress.

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