NEA Rhode Island Staffer Arrested for Impersonating Legislator

Doug Gablinske is a member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives. A Democrat, Gablinske lost in the primaries to a challenger supported by organized labor, then launched an unsuccessful write-in campaign to retain his seat.

“Doug Gablinski” is someone pretending to be Doug Gablinske. He sent e-mails during the campaign that made misrepresentations about Gablinske’s political stances.

A police investigation determined “Doug Gablinski” was really NEA Rhode Island assistant executive director John Leidecker. He was arrested and charged with “use of false information”¬†under the state computer crimes act.

“The NEA is really organized crime and [to] resort to these types of tactics during campaigns – they should be embarrassed, ashamed,” Gablinske said. “People on the outside have no idea the types of tactics used by unions during the campaigns and I don’t think the membership does either. They should be asking questions.”

“We have no firsthand knowledge of the charges,” said NEA Rhode Island executive director Robert Walsh. “However, given the involvement of Rep. Doug Gablinske in this matter, we are suspicious about the motivation for this action. At this point, we are waiting until our attorneys sort things out.”


6 thoughts on “NEA Rhode Island Staffer Arrested for Impersonating Legislator”

  1. what caught my eye was the implied overhead:
    “Leidecker is one of eight assistant executive directors at the National Education Association of Rhode Island (NEARI), which has about 11,800 members statewide”

  2. Correct, they do have several Executive Directors, each one serves as counsel for negotiations for the many teacher and municipal unions statewide. I know John personally, he is a tough and fair man, he fights for the earned rights of his union members. He is also intelligent, if he really wanted it to look like Gablinske sent it, he would have spelled it correctly.
    This does not take away from the good he’s done, like getting raises for union employees who have been employed for many years who were making $9.00 an hour and got them a livable wage of $12.00 an hour.
    That in no way is being a thug. There is no reason that unions should not back a candidate, and with only 11,800 members, I am sure their voting impact is as big as people make it out to be.

  3. This is why RI is the butt of jokes. You can’t make this stuff up. Idiots thinking they are clever when they are actually overpaid morons. Eight assistant executive directors? The teachers should be furious because of the petty actions of their union reps.

  4. Mike, Maybe you know the answer to this question. Do the assistant executive directors in Rhode Island function exactly as Uniserv Directors do in other states…but with fancier titles?

  5. Rich, you are correct. The professional staffers in Rhode Island do not carry the “UniServ director” designation. They are all assistant or deputy executive directors.

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