Pictures of Lily

Over many years I’ve tried to make the point that what the teachers’ unions say to the public is not nearly as important as what they say to themselves. It is why I’ve endured 13 consecutive NEA conventions and it’s why I bring this particular speech to your attention. I would have preferred to see the election post-mortem presentation, but this will have to do. It was delivered by NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen to the National Council of State Education Associations meeting in Miami last month. The NCSEA is an umbrella group of all of NEA’s state affiliate leaders.

When I come across 39 minutes of video I rarely will take the time to sit through the whole thing. But if you’re reading this blog, you must have some interest in NEA and its view of things, and this will serve the purpose better than a week’s worth of commentary from me. I add only one note. Before you pack your bags and move to Finland, read a somewhat more reality-based assessment from the Wall Street Journal‘s “What Makes Finnish Kids So Smart?