The Quail of Tears

United Federation of Teachers political director Paul Egan isn’t done crying about his unsatisfactory quail dinner party, sending a letter to the Marché restaurant in Albany (and the press) complaining about all sorts of problems.

Egan wrote:

On the night of February 14, 2011, I hosted a dinner for 24 colleagues. A number of untoward incidents occurred, including half the party not getting served for an hour and a half, late and rude service, drinks hot and cold spilled by waiters and cold and uncooked meals.

Late and rude service? Drinks spilled? Cold and uncooked meals?

Surely not. After all, Marché is a union restaurant, organized by UNITE HERE Local 471 in 2007 through card check, and its members work as “cooks, bakers, kitchen utility workers, servers, bussers, bartenders and bellmen.” Maybe Egan should have demanded to speak to the shop steward.