Noisy protests. Chanting slogans. Extreme disagreement with a democratic process. Attempts to disrupt proceedings. Physical intimidation.

The Wisconsin state house? No, the headquarters of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. Defeated DFT presidential candidate Steve Conn was suspended from the union for seven months for misconduct during a January 11 meeting in which new members of the executive board were sworn in. Here’s the video¬†of the altercation:

As a practical matter, the suspension just means Conn can’t attend membership meetings or hold union office. I’m guessing he wasn’t expelled because then he wouldn’t have to pay dues. It might have given other people ideas.

Will Conn and his supporters flee the state? Will they occupy DFT headquarters? Will they make prank phone calls to Keith Johnson pretending to be Randi Weingarten? Or will they detonate the Genesis Device over DFT headquarters, destroying all life in favor of its new matrix? Stay tuned.


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