The Power of Ridicule: California Teachers Association Trims 80 Protest Ideas

Alas, we shall never know the taste of “labor-union flavored ice cream.”

After the widespread dissemination of the California Teachers Association’s list of “potential activities” planned for its May 9-13 protests and occupation of the state Capitol, the union has severely edited the list, posting a new one on its site.

Gone from the original list are plans to picket legislators’ homes and target their businesses. Gone is the idea to “follow targeted legislators for the entire day.” Gone is having students and parents picket school sites and camp there overnight.

No more co-opting of the earthquake/fire drill. No more closing of major arteries into cities. No “Refrain from Shopping Day,” dyed red hair or “labor-union flavored ice cream” from Ben and Jerry’s.

However, CTA still thinks it’s a good idea to “Call parents to tell them how their child is doing and then talk about the budget cuts and invite them to attend the rallies.”

Union spokesman Mike Myslinski told the Fresno Bee the list was “brainstorming” from the union’s State Council, and that CTA is not suggesting students be used as props.

“There was a lot of high emotion and a lot of ideas that came out of it, and that was distilled into what you see now,” Myslinski said.

Distilling is what happens when the ideas that were applauded in the echo chamber of the union hall are exposed to the average California citizen.

The most ridiculous part of this whole enterprise is that by the time next month rolls around, the California GOP will probably have already folded and given Gov. Brown and the public employee unions what they want.


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