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Got to Pay Your Dues If You Want to Sing the Blues

Written By: Mike Antonucci - Jun• 22•11

Themed protests, tent cities and capitol takeovers aren’t cheap these days, and so union dues will have to rise in many states.

We already know the Ohio Education Association imposed a $54 additional assessment to fund a campaign against SB 5. The Nebraska State Education Association also proposed a $10 oer member ballot initiative assessment in addition to a proposed $5 dues increase. In California, dues will rise $8 to $647.

Minnesota and Utah plan to hold the line, proposing no increase in dues for 2011-12, while Iowa and Arizona are asking for $2 more. Wyoming and Kansas proposed $4 hikes.

The Dakotas will see some of the largest increases, with South Dakota boosting dues by $10 and North Dakota by $13. Missouri will also ask for a $10 increase.

As reported earlier, national NEA dues are likely to increase by $2, but convention delegates will also vote on an additional $10 assessment for the ballot measure/legislative crises fund.


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