Survival of the Fitted

Another episode in the continuing soap opera – California: It’s Not Like Where You Live.

Working its way through the legislative process is SB 432, sponsored by Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), which would make it a crime for hotels, motels and other lodging establishments to use a flat sheet, instead of a fitted sheet, as the bottom sheet on all beds. In a fit of moderation, de León recently added an amendment that would allow “the use of equipment, such as a wedge, or other device, work practice, or method that assists in sheet installation, if the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board determines during the standard adoption process that the use of the alternative equipment, work practice, or method that assists in sheet installation provides the equivalent health and safety protection provided by the use of a fitted sheet.”

The Blaze reports de León’s mother suffered back pains while working as a hotel maid and that this was “an issue close to my heart.”

Where do we get legislators like de León? I’m glad you asked.

I’ll always remember de León from that day back in 1998 when he notified a group of union activists that 70 percent of the members supported paycheck protection and that an upcoming campaign would not use the word “union” because it did not track well in focus groups.