I sincerely want to welcome to the edu-blogosphere John Wilson, former executive director of the National Education Association. Wilson has joined the stable of Education Week bloggers, and the publication has named his effort “John Wilson Unleashed.”

You are to be forgiven if your first question was, “Who was leashing him, and why?”

But I have high hopes for Wilson’s blog, because believe it or not it isn’t unusual for high-ranking union execs to suddenly become garrulous about formerly internal matters. In the past, I’ve noted speeches by state officers Robert Barkley and Jean Hayek, who issued some straight talk to their respective union delegates – both, coincidentally, delivered in a farewell speech. So there is reason to be optimistic that Wilson is “Free to Be Me,” as he titled his introductory post.

I don’t expect, however, that Wilson will become the Bizarro Ravitch. He still has some harsh words for union opponents:

Finally, I know more about the NEA than most of those who write commentaries based on folk lore, political diatribe, and sometimes just plain untruths. I always get a chuckle out of those who would write about the NEA and yet never bother to call, text, tweet, or email anyone at the NEA to confirm their facts or challenge their opinions. So often, they get it wrong.

That’s cool, John. I know you’re not talking about me.