California: It’s Still Not Like Where You Live

The California Teachers Association doesn’t like a proposal to raise $10 billion in new taxes. The union previously expressed doubts about the California Federation of Teachers millionaires’ tax. Of course, it’s not because CTA has suddenly become the defenders of the state’s taxpayers. It’s because the union is working on its own tax hike initiative.

California’s budget is in its usual multi-billion dollar deficit condition, so one could be forgiven for believing that the problem is too few taxes. Fortunately, Richard Rider spells out in depressing detail just how overburdened the California taxpayer is:

* California has the 3rd highest state income tax rate in the nation.

* California has the highest state sales tax rate in the nation.

* California has the 2nd highest corporate income tax rate west of the Mississippi and 8th highest overall.

* California has the 4th highest capital gains tax rate.

* California has the 2nd highest gas tax and the highest diesel tax.

* California property taxes per owner-occupied home are the 10th highest in the nation.

If the solution to the state’s problems were higher taxes, we’d be living in Shangri-La already. The only question is whether voters can be deceived into believing that someone else will pick up the tab for further spending.