Maybe Peer Review Is a Good Idea

Dateline – Springfield, Massachusetts:

Assault and kidnapping charges were filed Thursday against Willie Vega, the 44-year old teacher accused of punching a female vice principal at the High School of Commerce after receiving a poor evaluation.

…In the first detailed account of the incident, police said Vega became enraged while reviewing his evaluation during a meeting at the State Street high school. Grabbing it from the vice-principal, Vega stabbed it with a pen and then crumpled it up, said Sgt. John Delaney.

“Mr. Vega then stood up and punched the vice principal in the face causing her to fall from her chair,” Delaney added.

When the vice principal attempted to flee her office, Vega blocked the door, forcing her to use a portable radio to call a police officer assigned to the school.

…Vega has no record of serious disciplinary problems, but faces the possibility of being fired for assaulting an administrator, Collins said.