Jerry Brown’s Feast of the Assumption

Last June in the dead of night the California legislature passed AB 114, which required school districts to assume they would receive the same amount of money from the state in the 2011-12 school year as in 2010-11, and to budget accordingly. Gov. Jerry Brown quickly signed it into law. Everyone outside of Burlingame knew this was a fantasy, with the Los Angeles Times warning that schools “cannot operate on air and hope.”

It only took a few months to confirm that, indeed, school districts would not be receiving the same amount of money.

But that didn’t stop our governor. He put together a package of tax increases to place on the November ballot. In the meantime, though, he wants school districts to – yep – assume the ballot initiative will pass and budget accordingly. What’s more, the state’s legislative analyst believes even if the measure passes, it won’t raise nearly the amount of revenue Brown expects.

Who knew that Mr. Roarke was the governor’s budget adviser?


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