This was trending on Twitter the other day, and while most of the contributions were complaints of being judged on looks and clothing, there were a few interesting/entertaining/insightful/funny ones:

#IGoToASchool where the teachers spend more time & energy checking for I.D’s, Dress Code violations, & Cell phones than teaching the class!

#IGoToASchool where all the girls are “Bisexual” all of a sudden

#IGoToASchool where you hear “words of wisdom” && “make it a great day or not, the choice is yours” EVERYDAY in the mornin announcements!!

#IGoToASchool where kids come to school w/ $5 and leave w/ $80 from rolling dice. Lol, “Shoot sum!”

#IGoToASchool where people look nice first day of school .. first day back from Christmas break and day after they income taxes come

#IGoToASchool that just makes me want to kick an infant.

#IGoToASchool where the students speak better english than the teachers.

#IGoToASchool where the homeless and bums be all in our buildings.

#IGoToASchool because it is in the law.

#IGoToASchool where the teacher knows the entire class is playing dragonvale and he chooses to grade tests instead of yelling at us

#IGoToASchool Where my Spanish teacher gets sent home for being high off of pain pills even though she’s like that every day.