“Horrible Waste of Hard-Earned Dollars”

That is someone’s description of the dues money paid to the New York State United Teachers. Unfortunately for NYSUT, that someone is the president of one of its locals, the Lancaster Central Teachers Association.

Eric Przykuta is upset about what he sees as a NYSUT sell-out on the issue of teacher evaluations. He sent a rather pointed letter about it to NYSUT president Richard Iannuzzi.

“Your pandering is shameful,” Przykuta wrote. “You have done nothing to protect teachers or advance our agenda as professionals to be respected. NYSUT caved under pressure and ran from the good fight.”

But it’s the final paragraph that drops the big hammer:

I find you and your organization wholly ineffectual and ineffective. Teachers can not sit idly by facing financial ruin while you enjoy your wine and chocolates. You offer no clout in Albany and services that can be duplicated less expensively. NYSUT dues are a horrible waste of hard-earned dollars that members of this Association can put to better use and receive a better value in so doing. You will be notified in writing regarding our future association with your organization.

Przykuta wants to hold a summit of local union presidents in Western New York that, according to one published report, would discuss “severing ties” with NYSUT.

I doubt this will amount to much, especially since natural ally Phil Rumore (see item #2 here) thinks the letter was “a little over the top.” Still, if a bunch of mid-sized locals break off and form their own organization, I have the perfect name for it: NEA New York!

It might cost a few bucks to buy the old domain name back from the odd dudes who own it now, but there’s probably a stack of old stationery and envelopes lying around that will help keep costs down.