WEAC Pretending Nothing Happened

I’ll have more on the Wisconsin recall election later today, but I thought to update you on the reaction by the Wisconsin Education Association Council and NEA. Or at least I would if there were one.

As I write this at 9:15 am Wisconsin time, the WEAC home page doesn’t have a single word about Gov. Walker’s victory. It did publish a news release about the election results. Its headline is:

Lehman declares victory in 21st Senate District recall race

The union’s Facebook page doesn’t mention the gubernatorial results, nor any of the other four races WEAC lost.

And if all you did was follow WEAC’s Twitter feed last night, you still wouldn’t know that Walker won. While news outlets were projecting Walker the winner and Barrett was conceding, WEAC was tweeting about how many people were still in line in Milwaukee.

The headline of the NEA press release reads:

Educator’s victory restores balance of power in Wisconsin state Senate

At least NEA president Dennis Van Roekel noticed the governor won, deriding “the corporate cash that funded the campaign of Governor Scott Walker.” Yes, being outspent on a critical campaign is no fun.