NEA to Send 11 State Affiliates Funds for Media Ads

The National Education Association sets aside about $1.9 million annually from its Media Fund to assist state affiliates in issue advertising. For the 2012-13 school year, 17 state affiliates asked for $4.35 million, so some were bound to be disappointed. However, 11 state affiliates will receive NEA funding beginning September 1. They are:

California Teachers Association – $250,000

Colorado Education Association – $50,000

Delaware State Education Association – $34,554

Illinois Education Association – $400,000

Kansas NEA/Nebraska State Education Association (joint project) – $365,000

Mississippi Association of Educators – $112,100

Nevada State Education Association – $140,000

South Carolina Education Association – $128,800

Texas State Teachers Association – $200,000

West Virginia Education Association – $100,000

These grants usually help fund campaigns ranging from print mailings to TV and radio saturation ads, in support of specific issue advocacy or general union promotion to aid in membership recruitment.