Latest Twist in the Fresno Teachers Association Game of Thrones

Last month, Intercepts provided these details of the election for the presidency of the Fresno Teachers Association:

The Fresno Teachers Association held a presidential election last month, with Eva Ruiz outpolling her nearest challenger, Mai Summer Vue, by almost 2-to-1. But Ruiz came up nine votes short of a majority, forcing a runoff.

But in a shocking reversal of fortune, Vue won the run-off handily – 491 to 440. Now Ruiz is calling for Vue to step down and is threatening to sue her for defaming Ruiz on campaign fliers. Whatever Vue did, it was certainly effective. She managed to more than triple her vote count in a month.

That seemed to be the end of it. Summer Vue represented her local at the NEA Representative Assembly, but it appears Ruiz wasn’t convinced of the run-off’s validity and managed to persuade the union’s executive board to hold another run-off – which Ruiz won by 244 votes. Local TV news reported what happened next:

Here’s an idea: Everyone head 10 miles up the road to Clovis, where the school district with 39,000 students has never had a teachers’ union.