Technology Marches On

The Education Intelligence Agency web site may be down for some time┬átoday as I update it from late-’90s era to somewhere around 2005. If nothing goes wrong (but really, what are the odds of that?), everything should be squared away by this time tomorrow. If my calculations are correct (ha ha ha ha!), this blog should be entirely unaffected.

In the meantime, there are two articles you should check out if, like me, you yearn for someone who takes the time to tackle a complex issue of the day and summarizes what’s going on.

First, Robert Powell of MarketWatch provides us with a reasonably short, balanced account of the condition of public pensions and what the future might hold – not only for the American economy but for individual public employees.

Second, Alyson Klein of Politics K-12 outlines the crags of the fiscal cliff and explains the practical effects of what might happen.