Back to Reality

The National Education Association has been working for three years to organize the 779 office workers at the University of Vermont, even touting the effort on the pages of Education Votes. There is no telling yet how much money NEA and Vermont NEA spent on the campaign.

The results are in, and UVM workers voted down union representation by a 443-189 margin. The Burlington Press called the vote a “stunning defeat” for the proposed NEA-affiliated local.

In related news, Nathan Saunders, president of the Washington Teachers Union, doesn’t want to bother with the expense and uncertainty of an organizing campaign and a representation election. He wants the DC City Council and the U.S. Congress to remove the collective bargaining exemption for the city’s charter schools. He said the union is “prepared to dedicate significant resources” to that end.

That would be pretty scary if a) WTU had significant resources; b) charter schools didn’t have bipartisan support; and c) Republicans didn’t control the U.S. House of Representatives.

Still, it’s a value bet for Saunders because if he were successful, all of DC charter school teachers would suddenly be required to join the union, or pay an agency fee.

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