WEAC Approves Moving Forward With Merger

Delegates to a special representative assembly of the Wisconsin Education Association Council authorized merger negotiations with AFT Wisconsin, which approved a similar resolution in October. You can view the WEAC new business item here.

WEAC predicts it will take until winter 2014 for any merger to be finalized. I have heard of no organized opposition to the move, so I suspect it will proceed apace. It helps that the largest part of WEAC’s membership is K-12 while the largest part of AFT-W’s membership is higher ed, ensuring a minimum of friction.

There are four merged NEA-AFT state affiliates – Minnesota, Florida, Montana and New York – but if Wisconsin gets the job done it will probably become number six. The North Dakota Education Association and the AFT-affiliated North Dakota Public Employees Association have already approved merger in principle to form a new union to be called “North Dakota United.” Both unions will hold a ratification vote in February 2013 for a new constitution and by-laws. If a two-thirds vote of delegates is achieved, the merger will be finalized September 1, 2013.

North Dakota United will be affiliated with the AFL-CIO and it is likely that a merged Wisconsin union would also be.