Teachers’ Union Supports Full Employment… for Animators

Having solved the unemployment crisis for political consultants, pollsters and media buyers, the teachers’ union is goosing the animation industry, seeing to it that out-of-work cartoonists find an outlet with the help of the dues money of public school teachers.

Using its Hollywood connections, the California Federation of Teachers was able to persuade Ed Asner to narrate its video, “Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale.” The Chicago Teachers Union was unable to match that star power, but came to the conclusion that two bludgeons to the head were better than one. CTU commissioned its own animated video, titled “Stand Up to the Fat Cats” and it repeats the same themes as the CFT effort, sans urination.

Not only did the unions receive a volume discount on cartoon characters, but they also get a bonus gift of coloring book design.

C’mon, you guys! If you’re going to disseminate simple-minded propaganda depicting rich people as evil and united workers as heroes, don’t be half-assed about it. It’s only a small step from here to the pages of The Freedom Collective!