I’m an Education Daredevil

Today is National Opt-Out Day, created by a group who states, simply, “We opt out of high-stakes testing and we resist all market-based reforms that seek to privatize and destroy public education.”

I’m not a big joiner-inner, but I wanted to know how to mark the occasion. United Opt Out happily provides a flyer listing actions I can take, categorized by “levels of risk.”

Among the “low risk” activities is “Tell a friend about testing.” Unless, of course, you get unduly agitated by eye-rolling.

One of the “medium risk” activities is “Share your views on blogs and websites.” So just by writing this I’m dancing on the razor’s edge. I can also “send anonymous postcards or mailings.” United Opt Out suggests this one:

Official United Opt Out Postcards

High risk activities include “Write an op-ed for a local or national publication.” Intercepts is a national publication. I am so death-defying!

There is only one true high risk activity listed: “Leave info about testing in teacher mailboxes.” Many collective bargaining agreements forbid anyone but the school administration and the union to place info in teacher mailboxes. It has been the subject of high-level litigation.