More Than You’ll Ever Need to Know About Lily Eskelsen

This is the second in a series of the “More Than You’ll Ever Need to Know About” NEA’s top officials. The first was a profile of executive director John Stocks in the Idaho Statesman. This one is an article about vice president Lily Eskelsen on the Hispanic news site Voxxi.

The news hook to the profile is Eskelsen’s unofficial announcement of her candidacy for NEA president when Dennis Van Roekel’s term ends in 2014. This comes as a surprise to absolutely no one, and she will face no (or token) opposition. Still, it’s highly unusual for this type of news to become public so far in advance.

The story contains the usual slices of life, though no mention of whether Eskelsen has yet translated Stocks’ rendition of “There Never Was a Tater Like the Idaho Spud” for Latino audiences.