I’m pretty sure this is the last time I’ll ever have to mention that old NEA front group, Communities for Quality Education. Launched in 2004 with almost $9 million of dues money, the “independent” organization gradually disappeared from public sight, existing only as a means to cover up NEA funding and/or involvement on a particular stage.

CQE had been receiving annual $1 million grants from NEA to support its operations from offices on 14th Street in Washington, DC. But in 2011 CQE relocated… to an office in the NEA headquarters building on 16th Street. At the same time, CQE officers stopped signing the group’s disclosure documents, turning that chore over to an NEA accountant. Its 2011 IRS filings show an income of $1,010,927 and expenditures of $1,659,973. With its cumulative net assets down to $750,000, CQE was not long for this earth. The group’s last official act seems to have been a $400,000 contribution to America’s Families First, a Democratic independent expenditure committee.

NEA apparently pulled the plug last year. For the first time in eight years, NEA’s financial disclosure reports show no appropriation or grant to CQE.

We bid a fond farewell to Communities for Quality Education. It died as it lived, in secret and without acknowledging its origins. Hopefully the laundering of NEA money and talking points dies with it.