Campus Gun Ban Hit By Musket Volley

The mascot for Parkersburg South High School in West Virginia has been breaking state law for 18 years. The costumed 18th century American Patriot carries and fires a musket at school athletic events, although he has often been barred from appearing on other campuses because of his weapon.

“We would go to schools throughout the state of West Virginia, and we were told that firing of that musket or possession of that musket on school property was a Safe Schools Act violation,” said school principal Tom Eschbacher. As part of a school project, students petitioned the state legislature to exempt the Patriot from the act’s provisions in performance of his official duties.

Yesterday the exemption passed the WV Senate Judiciary Committee and will now go to the full Senate for a vote.

The Patriot might have challenged the law on constitutional grounds, being as he is part of a “well-regulated militia.”